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Cremation has been the most popular funeral choice for the people of Britain for more than 50 years with Cremation now accounting for around 78%* of all funerals in the British Islands.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing cremation, including cost, flexibility, environmental benefits and simplicity.  What ever your reasons are, we will be there every step of the way to give as much support and guidance as you need to achieve a day fit for your loved ones memory.

Options available 

Most people will want a funeral service to be at the crematorium but you can also hold a service in a Church or other venue of your choice prior to the cremation (Committal).

You can choose whichever crematorium will best suit your needs, however the options available in this area, are as follows:

  • Huddersfield Crematorium, HD2 2JF

  • Park Wood Crematorium, HX5 9HZ

  • Dewsbury Moor Crematorium, WF13 3PL

It is entirely up to you if you want the service to be religious or non-religious.  A religious service will be conducted by an ordained minister or clergy from a specific faith or religion whereas a non-religious ceremony can have a civil celebrant or officiant.

Unless you have asked for extra time for your service (a double slot, which carries an additional charge) a cremation funeral service on average lasts between 25 to 30 minutes, with the additional time of the 45 minute slot used for entering, getting people seated and exiting the service chapel.  The service can include a number of hymns or non-religious songs that mean something to you, eulogies and readings. 

Most Crematoriums, for an additional fee, also offer the facilities for the service to be visually recorded; live web streamed to those unable to attend to watch through a secure portal; and increasingly popular is to have a slideshow of pictures set to a favourite song during the service on monitors in the Chapel, which we are able to create for you (again at additional cost).


After the funeral


After the cremation takes places, we can safely hand deliver the cremated remains to you (if you live in the Kirklees/Calderdale area) or you may come along to our premises to collect them in person by appointment.

When considering what to do with your loved one’s ashes after a cremation, there are plenty of options open to you. More traditional choices include interment, storing cremated ashes at home, or scattering them.  If you’re thinking of something more unique, there are also more creative things to do with ashes such as turning them into jewellery.

Ashes into Glass

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